Language services

language services

Supported by the latest technology, our global team of linguists and subject area specialists will deliver your content in any language required to meet your objectives.

Content Creation and management

content creation

Plan, create, publish and manage - we provide you with the full cycle for all your audiences, in any media.

Translation technology


We use and adapt the latest translation technology to ensure continuous process improvement and deliver quality content by the highest measurable standards.



Is user-generated content part of your strategy? We will assist you in your crowdsourcing processes by providing the most efficient tools and technology to reach your goals.

Process consultancy


Benefit from our certified workflow processes or let our expert team help you to improve your current translation workflow.


Global process - Local delivery

24/7 workflows through smart process automation and a global presence - production and delivery where your target audiences are.

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Translation Management System (TMS)

translation management system 161x117

Our Translation Management System ensures 24/7 access to all your language assets.

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Learning Management System

learning management system 161x117

Virtual workflow processes create more than just  deliverables. Tacit knowledge is often lost during standard processes, leading to a need to relearn relearn potentially crucial tasks in future projects. Track and profit from tacit knowledge in your virtual work flow processes.

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Flexible solutions

Customized processes - flexible thinking

As a vendor-independent solutions provider, we keep an open mind when it comes to industry solutions. There is no one best tool, just the right tools for each job. This allows us to more effectively meet the needs of your organization, regardless of whether it is on a global or departmental level. For more information on this

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Praecentor helps organisations, companies and corporations manage the entire communications process in a global context. Praecentor specialises in three areas of competency: Multilingual Content Creation and Management, Translation Technology and Translation and Localisation Services. Founded in 2005, Praecentor Ltd. is located in Turku, Finland.

Supported by its global network of technology partners, linguists, and subject area specialists, Praecentor serves industry leaders in a wealth of industries on five continents.


  • Trados/SDLX100%
  • Memsource80%
  • MemoQ60%
  • Wordfast70%
  • Omega-T50%

Our Teams

Global project management

Global project management

Our global project management teams consist of experienced project managers with at least 10 years of experience in demanding translation and localization projects.

Translation and localization

Translation and localization

Our translation and localization teams are local for each and every market in order to ensure that we are communicating where your local customer is. In addition to linguists the translation and localization teams are supported by subject area specialists to ensure your content is adapted to its particular audience within the chosen market.



Our Quality Asessment teams work hard to ensure that our deliverables meet the highest measurable standards, each and every day.

DTP and web design

DTP and web design

Our creative and experienced engineering team continually develops our tools and processes to ensure that content extraction, migration and publishing are smooth and efficient.

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